Welcome to the German Reichspost

RPM, Reich Postal Ministry


Willkommen bei der Deutschen Reichspost

RPM, Reichspostministerium



Welcome to the home of the German Reichspost. This site is dedicated to providing information about one of the least known but most important ministries of the German Reich government. The Reichspost was more than a post office. The Reichspost reflects the political history and development of Germany from the Holy Roman Empire to the end of the Third Reich in 1945.

Beginning in 1933 the Reichspost became the center for the development of advanced technology that we take for granted today. Advanced technologies such as television and video phones were pioneered by the German Reichspost. More than a national post office, the Reichspost played a key role in the development and evolution of the German Reich into a modern technologically advanced world power.


Heil dir im Siegeskranz!